Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage Pearl Giveaway

I Just got a necklace from The Vintage Pearl for Cambryn. I love it!.

If you've never heard of The Vintage Pearl they offer hand stamped jewelry.

Isn't it so cute?
I was so excited to find out she is having a giveaway on

A Lovely Lifestyle

So head on over to A lovely Lifestyle and enter to win.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Life the Past 2 Months

This picture needs no explanation.
Oh yes take it all in....

This is amidst The Nutcracker chaos.
My home has recovered.. luckily.
Me not so much---this picture stresses me out.
My children not so neglected
and well Riggi is just a lost cause.

At least he's cute!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Potty Training- Best Picture Ever

Children Learn best by Example Right?

Worked for us

PS We don't practice potty training out in a field... a freezing snow covered field. We were on our way home from Idaho no potty in sight and when the trainee says he has to go, as you know, you better take him. . In case you were wondering

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I sure hope Cyndi doesn't mind that I'm doing this...but since she's been so crazy busy with everything, I'm taking the liberty to invite all of you over to my blog to see pictures from our Thanksgiving! :D You'll have to wait to see Cyndi's pictures from everything else she's been doing for when she's not so crazy and busy--or just busy!! :D love you Cyndi!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picking apples

I took Riggi with some friends to pick apples in Tehachapi. The apples were so yummy. Riggi was really into picking the apples for all of 2 minutes. He then figured out the apples resembled balls and decided it was much more fun to chuck the apples.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Cambryn's school had a 50's themed Daddy Daughter Dance. I got together with a friend and we made our girls poodle skirts. The girls were so excited to go. Cambryn was so excited to dress up and go on a date with her Dad to a dance. Jay and Cambryn had a blast. They even won a coupon for a free pizza, which we enjoyed the next night :). My friend Jill was in charge of the whole evening. She put a lot of work into decorating, getting prizes for a raffle, a photographer then put all the pictures together, making treats and making the night fun for the girls and their dad. Thanks Jill you really went above and beyond! It was fabulous.
Jay said one of the funniest parts was when they played Miley Cyrus -hoedown throwdown. Jay said every single girl started dancing the dance.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr. Tanen Tie

this is what happens when you loose a school library book.

we have search high and low for this silly book. Under beds, in beds (my kids like to read in bed), under couches, gone through bins ( that's saying a lot for me), took apart the play room, looked in
Brayden's classroom (just in case), Looked everywhere, still no book.

Last year we accidentally turned one of
Brayden's school library books into the public library. No worries. It was easily recovered.

Okay so here is my
dilemma. My children have a homework station. A certain place for everything!Click on picture to enlarge.

As you can plainly see. Same as last year. And he still put his library book in the wrong place.
So this year I told him to please just leave his library books in his backpack. After he was done reading it or looking through it, PLEASE put it in your backpack.

Obviously that did not happen.

Now I owe $15 for a book.

PS I ususally get a call at least once a week from the school saying Brayden has no lunch. I go look in the car and it is always on the bench right next to his seat. Last week I got called 3 times. One of the times last week when I got to the office the sweet office ladies that call me informed me that Brayden said the reason he left his lunch box "it was all Cambryn's fault." No matter how many times I tell him to just hold it in his hand and NEVER put it down.
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Piano Lessons

Brayden's first lesson. I was so excited for Brayden to have MaryEllen as a teacher.
She was a little apprehensive about taking Brayden as a student. She thought he might be a little young. He is doing AWESOME. Well at least that is what she tells me. Personally I think he is doing fantastic. It is really cute to watch him learn to play. I can't wait for him to be able to perform for everyone, or play with Cambryn.

Night Time Bath

This little guy loves his bath time. Until we have to wash his hair he hates that. He loves glasses and goggles.

Later that night.
Riggi resting
Molly resting
I had to take a picture it was too funny.

Night Night

Soccer Time

Brayden decided to try soccer this year.

He absolutely loved it. I don't think his team won any of their games. I think the parents were more worried about the kids scoring then the kids were. :)
Brayden thought he rocked and we'll just leave it at that. Jay did have to tell Brayden to "stop doing cartwheels" and to "stop laying in the middle of the field" more then once. hehe Gotta love Brayden

Dad coached Brayden's team just like he did Cambryn's first year.

Until next year....unless of course we find something else he likes to do, but he insists he loves soccer and wants to do it again next year.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Chira and Caden's last night

Our last night in Utah was so much fun! We had yummy BBQ and a picnic and just relaxed on the grass one more time!
Future Zubies? :D
Yummy food at our picnic! (yes we were cold!)
Caden eating 'corn the cob'
Brayden's awesome face eating corn on the cob (this one is the best of Brayden, for sure!)
Cambryn eating corn on the cob!
Thanks Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING!! We had such a good time! We can't wait to come home again!!

Rock Climbing!! We are so tough.....

Another thing we do when ever we're home is go rock climbing--well Charles takes the kids! :D Riggy and Caden wanted to be like the big kids and wear climbing shoes and climb on the rocks, too!
Testing the waters to see what they could get away with! (thank goodness for the candy mechines!)

Cambryn and Brayden's first time going up!
My kid wants to be cool, too!
There is a little kid wall upstairs, it's perfect for littles!
I totally wish I had one in my house!
Brayden showing us his Spidey skills!
We had to beg and plead with Brayden to go on the big wall more than once so he could go all the way to the top. On his third time up, he did it!! Cambryn went to the top, too! :D She was all over the place! Thanks Charles, it was so much fun!!
After we were done we went to Zupas, which has the best soup ever. It was so good. I didn't even get to eat my chocolate covered strawberry or yummy dessert I picked out! I'll have to go back again, for sure!

Dinosaur Museum @ Thanksgiving Point

K, the Dino museum @ Thanksgiving Point was so awesome! We were there forever, it was so much fun!
And, Brayden makes the best faces--just incase you didn't know!

Caden showing us his "ROAR" face...
Mom showing us her "ROAR" face...
Cyndi showing us her "ROAR" (?) face! :D hahaha, apparently she doesn't know how to be scary (umm...)
Charles was able to make a new friend, too!
There was this huge sand pit where the kids could get all dirty and move the sand and water around. They didn't want to leave!
My favorite were the smocks. Or maybe just the word SMOCKS. Thanks to Cyndi I learned that that's a real word! Look how little Riggy looks in it! So cute!
Riding a dino.
Caden was totally scared of the big shark! Brayden, clearly, was not! :D
Diging up dino bones.
We commissioned Charles to take a picture of us really fast (see below) and Rigdon didn't like not being held. Poor baby!!
Aren't we so cute? :D Our parents take us to the BYU Bookstore when ever we're all home to hook us up with some gear, and this was seriously the cutest womens shirt--go figure we all liked it! Someone totally made fun of us while were walking around becuase we were all sporten our Y shirts! Whatever!
We had so much fun, thanks Mom!!