Friday, September 11, 2009

Chira and Caden's last night

Our last night in Utah was so much fun! We had yummy BBQ and a picnic and just relaxed on the grass one more time!
Future Zubies? :D
Yummy food at our picnic! (yes we were cold!)
Caden eating 'corn the cob'
Brayden's awesome face eating corn on the cob (this one is the best of Brayden, for sure!)
Cambryn eating corn on the cob!
Thanks Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING!! We had such a good time! We can't wait to come home again!!


the speers said...

aw, I'm SO glad you posted these! I would have messed it all up!! :D love you!!

The Potter Pack said...

Hey girl !! Ok ... so, Mike is bugging me about having you make us another blanket for our new babe that should be arriving within the next two wks ... Zoie is madly in love with her pink and brown polka dot blanket and will not surrender for this next one - we still don't know the gender but ... we know we want another one - so, how much and how long does it take to make and we should discuss colors !! We miss you guys ... let me know - oh and it doesn't have to be as perfect as Zoie's with the ruffled edges and stuff - maybe just lined around or something ... I really don't know what I am talking about - I am not creative - UNFORTUNATELY !!

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