Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinosaur Museum @ Thanksgiving Point

K, the Dino museum @ Thanksgiving Point was so awesome! We were there forever, it was so much fun!
And, Brayden makes the best faces--just incase you didn't know!

Caden showing us his "ROAR" face...
Mom showing us her "ROAR" face...
Cyndi showing us her "ROAR" (?) face! :D hahaha, apparently she doesn't know how to be scary (umm...)
Charles was able to make a new friend, too!
There was this huge sand pit where the kids could get all dirty and move the sand and water around. They didn't want to leave!
My favorite were the smocks. Or maybe just the word SMOCKS. Thanks to Cyndi I learned that that's a real word! Look how little Riggy looks in it! So cute!
Riding a dino.
Caden was totally scared of the big shark! Brayden, clearly, was not! :D
Diging up dino bones.
We commissioned Charles to take a picture of us really fast (see below) and Rigdon didn't like not being held. Poor baby!!
Aren't we so cute? :D Our parents take us to the BYU Bookstore when ever we're all home to hook us up with some gear, and this was seriously the cutest womens shirt--go figure we all liked it! Someone totally made fun of us while were walking around becuase we were all sporten our Y shirts! Whatever!
We had so much fun, thanks Mom!!


Jennifer said...

You all know how to have a good time!!