Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr. Tanen Tie

this is what happens when you loose a school library book.

we have search high and low for this silly book. Under beds, in beds (my kids like to read in bed), under couches, gone through bins ( that's saying a lot for me), took apart the play room, looked in
Brayden's classroom (just in case), Looked everywhere, still no book.

Last year we accidentally turned one of
Brayden's school library books into the public library. No worries. It was easily recovered.

Okay so here is my
dilemma. My children have a homework station. A certain place for everything!Click on picture to enlarge.

As you can plainly see. Same as last year. And he still put his library book in the wrong place.
So this year I told him to please just leave his library books in his backpack. After he was done reading it or looking through it, PLEASE put it in your backpack.

Obviously that did not happen.

Now I owe $15 for a book.

PS I ususally get a call at least once a week from the school saying Brayden has no lunch. I go look in the car and it is always on the bench right next to his seat. Last week I got called 3 times. One of the times last week when I got to the office the sweet office ladies that call me informed me that Brayden said the reason he left his lunch box "it was all Cambryn's fault." No matter how many times I tell him to just hold it in his hand and NEVER put it down.
Any suggestions on how to solve this problem.


Allie said...

I get the backpacks with the matching lunchbox that clips on to the backpack. Then, he won't have to keep holding it. Or, you could just put the lunchbox in the backpack. Good luck!

girlsmama said...

We put the lunch box in the back pack. It seems to work...

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Nice homework station! Sheesh, leave it to you to make something so cute! I am no help in this area since my kids are not in school, but sounds like putting it in the backpack is the way to go!

kanabanana said...

Like Allie, my Jacob clips his lunchbox to his backpack. My problem is he doesn't eat it all!! How can they survive on a sandwich and juicebox until they get home? Love the homework station!

Joy said...

no....I need serious responsibility help with one of my kids too ;-0